Kõrgusehirmu tegeliku põhjuse võib leida, kui panna tähele, mida me oma kehas tunneme siis, kui oleme kohas, kus tekib himr kõrguse ees. Kõrgusehirmust vabanemine võib kaasa tuua mõne teise probleemi lahenemise sinu elus. Muu hirm, kehaline sümptom või häiriv emotsioon. The main symptom of acrophobia is an intense fear of heights marked by panic and anxiety. For some people, extreme heights triggers this fear. Others may fear any kind of height, including small stepladders or stools. This can lead to a range of physical and psychological symptoms. Physical symptoms of acrophobia include:
  • increased sweating, chest pain or tightness, and increased heartbeat at the sight or thought of high places
  • feeling sick or lightheaded when you see or think about heights
  • shaking and trembling when faced with heights
  • feeling dizzy or like you’re falling or losing your balance when you look up at a high place or down from a height
  • going out of your way to avoid heights, even if it makes daily life more difficult
Psychological symptoms can include:
  • experiencing panic when seeing high places or thinking about having to go up to a high place
  • having extreme fear of being trapped somewhere high up
  • experiencing extreme anxiety and fear when you have to climb stairs, look out a window, or drive along an overpass
  • worrying excessively about encountering heights in the future